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We provide industry-proven, high-quality service more efficiently than our competition, consistently meeting deadlines well ahead of schedule at lower overall costs. With more than twenty-five years of RISA 3D experience, our highly-skilled engineering staff focuses on adaptive design to deliver precision drawings.


  • Site grading & drainage design
  • Mass earthwork & balancing
  • Overland conveyor corridor layout
  • Industrial roadway design
  • Haul road design
  • Industrial rail geometry
  • Utility corridor design
  • AutoCAD civil 3D


  • Finite Element Structural Analysis (FEA) software capability, RISA 3D made compatible with AutoCAD for efficient and accurate design
  • Value Engineering incorporated in the design process ensuring the most efficient material use
  • Detailing optimization ensuring efficient fabrication
  • Consideration of local material sourcing
  • Strong design emphasis on constructability and shipping efficiency
  • Strong geotechnical understanding for optimal foundation design
  • Extensive experience in the design of a wide array of equipment supporting structures and all dynamic loads


  • Experienced designers who understand a wide array of industrial facilities and disciplines and deliver efficient, accurate & appropriate designs
  • Large 3D library of equipment, steel, standard design, vehicles, etc. for quick development of layout
  • 3D modeling developed further throughout the detailed engineering process by other disciplines
  • Consideration of process flow and equipment maintainability within the plant during layout to ensure high operation utilization.


  • Combining technologies and experience to deliver client process solutions with overall RISA 3D design
  • Crushing, screening, conveying
  • Material storage systems: concrete & steel domes, slot storage, tripper & shuttle conveyors, concrete silos, silo clusters, weigh bins; storage buildings: pre-fabricated, temporary, long span “A” frame
  • Mobile, modular &/or semi-mobile plant design
  • Power plants
  • Sampling systems
  • Coal prep plants
  • Dust control, dust collection, dust suppression, passive dust control
  • Truck and rail terminals, rotary car dumpers, rapid loading systems, etc

Plate/Chute Work

  • Software optimized material trajectory and flowability designs
  • Early attention given to chute and transfer point design to ensure proper structure heights
  • Designs minimize dust, spillage and belt cleaning issues while providing optimized flow and safe access for maintenance and inspection
  • 3D modeling for highest quality, maximum efficiency and lowest cost
  • Software optimized material trajectory designs
  • Proper fit up chute to chute, supports, and equipment
  • Customized bin, silo, hopper, grizzly and other designs


  • CEMA design standards
  • Custom conveyor design software
  • Overland conveyors
  • Fixed & radial stacker, strippers, shuttle, reversing and reclaim conveyors
  • Large drive & take-up stations
  • Customized belt feeders
  • Supports: gallery trusses & tubes, pipe bents
  • Designed for safe operation with ease of access for maintenance and inspection
  • Design considerations for unique industry specifications and demands
  • Loading and discharge points designed for long life and minimal maintenance

Tank & Pressure Vessels

  • 3D tank data sheets
  • Actual scaled 3D model
  • Structurally designed


  • Application designs for water, slurry, hydraulic, acid, borate, etc
  • Extensive 3D library – carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC, victaulic, etc
  • 3D routing integrated with master 3D model
  • Structurally designed supports
  • Scaled 3D isometric drawings


  • Modern file server and high end workstations
  • Issuing procedures and revision control
  • Accurate and timely drawing transmittals
  • Approved engineering and drawing standards
  • PDF files, CAD files – external reference files
  • 3D models – ownership - deliverables
  • 2D conversions
  • Security – backups, confidentiality, non-disclosure


  • PMI Project Management Institute procedures and methodology
  • Schedule management
  • Resource management
  • Design criteria: development and implementation
  • Bid evaluations and procurement
  • Progress reporting: engineering, fabrication, etc
  • Budget control: engineering and capital costs
  • QAQC quality assurance and quality control
  • Project team coordination

3D Models

  • Added design benefits, interference detection, virtual construction, volume calculations, material take-offs
  • Accurate costing
  • Compatible with engineering analysis software
  • Object intelligence and linking
  • Enhanced presentation: perspective views, rendered full color views, animations, 3D printing

Feasibility Studies

  • Process design with outside consultants and professionals
  • Preliminary flow sheets
  • P&IDs
  • Conceptual layout
  • Cost estimates: capital, operating

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We provide our customers with enhanced RISA 3D printing, perspective views, animations, and rendered full-color views, and offer engineering analysis packages.