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Lovelock, NV
Precious Metals

Relief CanyonFirst Gold – Gold Recovery Plant

First Gold purchased the existing Relief Canyon open pit gold mine near Lovelock, NV from Pegasus Gold Corp. The existing recovery building was to be used for an all-new Adsorption-Desorption Recovery (ADR) Plant, using a pressure adsorption train for flexible carbon transfer to adsorption columns.

  1. Solution TankPregnant solution tank, pumps and strainers
  2. Recovery PlantCIC tanks, carbon regeneration
  3. BuildingsRefinery building


Structural Design & Drawings

Flowsheets, P&ID’s, tank data sheets, large bore spool, pipe iso, MTO

Engineering calculations utilizing finite element analysis, structural steel design

CMU building design

Concrete foundations (retaining walls, Footings, etc.)

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