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Soledad Mountain, CA
Precious Metals

Golden QueenSoledad Mountain Project

Soledad Mountain Project is a Gold-Silver mine located just outside the town of Mojave in Kern County, southern California. The Project uses conventional open pit mining methods and cyanide heap leach and Merrill-Crowe processes to recover gold and silver from crushed, agglomerated ore. Turnkey Processing Solutions (TPS) was awarded the turnkey contract to design and construct the crushing circuit for the project. TPS hired DIT to provide detailed design services.

  1. Crushing and ScreeningPrimary, secondary, tertiary
  2. Reclaim TunnelMulti-plate half arch on concrete
  3. ConveyorsAll conveyors from surge pile downstream
  4. HPGRHigh pressure grinding roll station
  5. SiloCrushed ore and cement silo support and foundation
  6. AgglomeratorAgglomerator feed system


Structural Design & Drawings

Engineering calculations utilizing finite element analysis, structural steel design

Concrete foundations (retaining walls, reclaim tunnel, elevated HPGR support slab)

Civil (earthwork)


Steel fabrication procurement assistance

All design performed utilizing 3D modeling technology. Steel erection had zero fit-up problems

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